Professional marketing communications for innovative B2B companies with research and development, start-ups and spin-offs.
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You have big goals? Let’s develop transparent plans together to get the maximum out of your budget. Professional communications is an important step on the ladder of success.
The location at Lake Constance in a hotspot for innovations - Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria - has an impact. This spirit will be part of your projects in grafical design, classic communications, online marketing and events..


You want to commercialize your products? Therefore you need to communicate through digital or classic media with your potential customers? Leidorf-Media will develop the fitting communications masterplan for you.


You need someone who understands the benefits of your special products immediately?
How to communicate these best?
Here you go!


Good graphic design needs a lot of creativity. Great graphic design needs a bit more - perfectionism and passion. All this will become part of your projects with Leidorf-Media!


From consultancy to strategy to execution completed by control: Being a „one-woman-show“, I am capable for everything here. This results into fastest replies on your questions, wishes, ideas. Straightforward.


You would like to communicate the benefits of your products successfully. Efficient handling of your projects as well as realization of spontaneous projects - e.g. like an exhibition flyer. Transparency of costs versus performance is important to you. Understanding of technical and scientific B2B products is fundamental. The right amount of creativity is a must. You are dead right working with Leidorf-Media!


  • Grafic design (develop and draw graphics)
  • Creative picture editing (retouching, photomontage, etc.)
  • Developing the Corporate Identity ID (generate logos, Corporate Colors, Corporate Design, design elements, what emotions would you like to awaken with your communication material, what does your company stand for - even things like that can be transported by design)
  • Generating brand and product names (therefore creativity and ideas from insiders are important as well as a background check: does the name already exist for a different product, does that other product differ enough, are we on the safe side when it comes down to legal aspects?)
  • Texting of slogans for commercial use (wordplays, rimes, humor, sarcasm, common phrases related to your field of work - the most important thing: easy to keep in mind)


  • Design of classic advertising material (flyers, brochures, catalogues, ads, posters, etc.)
  • Design of all online media (websites, microsite, landing pages, newsletters, social media, online ads like banners, displays, etc.)
  • Exhibition concepts (develop and design stands, exhibition ads, giveaways, organizational tasks, etc.)
  • Technical reports, application notes, articles, press releases and PR (write and position in the right media: online portals, website, online or print magazines)
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEA, Affiliate, keyword-advertising, e-mail-marketing, social media, etc.)


  • Consultancy (for all marketing topics)
  • Marketing concepts (the ABC of marketing: from market research to product development, strategy, execution, communications and sales. A well-founded marketing concept is good basis to start your business. Having already founded and launched products, a marketing concept can be still helpful finding the right path in future.)
  • Cross media communications strategies (all kind of communication channels need to speak the „same language“. General company topics as well as product specific campaigns - cross medial recognition is important!)
  • Media planning (the right choice of communication channels and timing is essential here.)


15 years of experience in various B2B fields like Industry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Green Technologies: Well prepared for challenges that young technical and scientific companies, especially start-ups, might face on their way to success. Well prepared to evolve and professionalize your communications.

Working in the marketing departments of the companies, I always had a hard time finding an appropriate communications agency with good knowledge and understanding of the special products. It was impossible to find someone who immediately grasped the benefits and would have been able to transform them into words and pictures. Especially with a limited budget for MarCom.

And here I am to fill in exactly this gap in specialized MarCom.

Grafic design


Picture editing/art work




Web design and development


Marketing strategy


"We are working successfully with Marieke since 2015 in a very trustful manner.
During this time Marieke realized almost 50 projects from all kind of different MarCom disciplines:
Flyers, brochures, tech sheets, picture editing and art work, website content, exhibition stands and more.
The projects have always been executed reliably, fast and professional."

C. Eckert, Marketing, ChromoTek GmbH, Martinsried (Munich)

todays communication
face to face


That’s me, Marieke Leidorf, marketing specialist (BAW diploma) and more...

After finishing school I wasn’t sure which way to go first as I had so many different ideas. Therefore I tried a lot of different things: Started with an apprenticeship for foreign trade in the industry. Followed by two semesters of business studies and the decision to live in Canada for a while.
Finally settled in Munich with the love of life and an exciting job in the area of life sciences. Finished marketing school in parallel with my full time job and had children. Worked for a green technology start-up.
And now?
Self-employed in Marketing Communications and want to write success stories working with you.



The smaller the budget, the more important is what the money will be spent for.
This is why I work differently...
My goal is to working with you as a team rather than for you. Of course this needs honesty and trust which are crucial for me.
Together we can come up with the right deal for you. There are various possibilities like e.g. MarCom basic packages, yearly or half year contracts following the communications strategy with e.g. monthly payment, single projects, later payments in the case of submitted grants and many more.
I only charge the needed hours. Should we need less hours to finalize the project than estimated, only these will be charged by the end of the day. Should we need more hours than estimated, e.g. major changes or any kind of special wishes that appear during the project process, a new estimation can be necessary.
You get everything from one hand. This allows for more flexibility, spontaneity and of course more favorable prices in comparison with bigger agencies.

stronger together


Let’s start now! Contact me for a free of cost preliminary talk about your project.

Immenstaad (Lake of Constance) | Germany

Phone: +49 172 514 88 67 / +49 7545 9426505

Email: marieke@leidorf-media.de

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